A day is not enough: the book

A day is not enough: the book


Get the book of the tweet-series, celebrating women in design, digital and tech for International Women’s Day, because #ADaysNotEnough.

Despite being the best leaders and designers I know, many women in my network lack the highly toned self-promotion muscles of their cis-male counterparts. So I chose to thank them, publicly on Twitter, in a year-long series of tweets under the hashtag #ADaysNotEnough.

This is the book of that series. It features talented and passionate leaders, thinkers and practitioners from across service design, product management, user research, org design, transformation, corporate strategy, and more. Everyone included has in some way influenced who I am, how I think or inspired me in some way to be better.

[Please note: you will see my company, Sensemakery, on your receipt instead of my own name.]

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